Why do you need a holiday nanny?

Having a locally based nanny means you don’t have to travel with your own or bring the grandparents along.

• You don’t have to share your villa with a nanny, she has her own accommodation.

• A local nanny has the experience of the area’s amenities and speaks the language so she can help you with your holiday needs.

• You can also have your nanny travelling with you so she takes care of the children and their paraphernalia, your time of rest, entertainment, organise shopping and activities and everything else to make your holiday smooth and pleasurable.

• You will not be restricted to mini clubs/crèches and their hours.

• She will play with the children while you are enjoying an activity with your partner.

• You have the freedom to go sightseeing without bringing your baby or small child out with you.

• She will take care of evening babysitting so you can enjoy a nice quiet dinner out without any hassle. Our Services

• We care so you can be care free! Our reputation so far has relied on the quality of our nannies and the care we take for our families.

• Once you have contacted us we will ask you to fill in the online booking form so that you can tell us all your requirements and read our terms and conditions.

• We will then make every effort to put you in touch with one or two nannies that we believe they match your requirements.

• Our nannies are vetted, interviewed and with checked references. • We will arrange an interview or a skype/call if you wish, or just send you the nanny to your accommodation at a pre-agreed time.

• Finally you will be asked to pay our finders/agency fee and a small deposit to the nanny prior to your holiday. This will be discussed with you in advance.

• Your nanny then can be paid in advance or in resort with prior agreement between you and the nanny. No booking is confirmed without the fee or deposit payment.

• All you need to do next is book your flights and start packing!

We offer

• Local experienced and qualified nannies who can speak English and other languages.

• Special needs trained nannies for individual requests.

• Care for babies and children from 4 weeks to 14 years of age

• Travel nannies, nannies at home, holiday nannies.

• Live-in or-out nanny.

• Full time, part time , evening babysitting

• Hours to suit the family’s needs

What we do

• Baby and childcare, shopping prior to your holiday, holiday event and activity arrangements, wedding childcare, restaurant and sightseeing advice.

• Our nannies will play with the children in the pool or swim in the sea, taking out to trips and water parks, creating summer art and crafts and games, teddy bear’s picnics, sea monster hunts, making dens, simple cooking and baking, visiting the fairground, reading books to relax, singing and dancing, shadow theatre and more.