Under normal circumstances the same nanny/nannies will be allocated for the entire booking. However, in some cases eg. illness, it may be necessary for a replacement nanny to complete the booking, even if the original nanny has already started. This will not be accepted as a reason for the client to cancel the booking and no monies will be refunded in this case.

Once your nanny’s details have been passed to you, we strongly advise you to contact her and check that she is suitable and that she meets your specific requirements. We suggest that you arrange a meeting the evening before your booking. We will endeavour to provide you with a profile of the nanny, which has been provided to us by him/her. This will be by email or verbally eg. in last minute bookings. Your nanny will have details of your booking. Any problems regarding suitability must be communicated to us before you start to use the nanny or/ and commit to the booking by paying a deposit.

Deposits/ introductory fee

For each booking made there is a deposit agreed with Nanny du Soleil at the time of the booking, and is payable to us by bank transfer.

Transfers can be made in Euros and by Paypal. Deposits include admin fees which are non refundable or deductable from the nanny’s wages.

Balance will be paid to the nanny on the FIRST DAY of engagement. 

Last minute bookings to be paid in cash to the nanny on the FIRST DAY of engagement.

No booking will be confirmed and secured with us until we receive the deposit (unless arranged otherwise).

Confirmations of bookings and receipts are sent by email. 

For last minute bookings confirmation will be sent by telephone call or a text.

Evening Babysitting

Any work after 7pm is regarded as Evening Babysitting and is to be negotiated separately with your nanny, with respect to hours and hourly rate.


When you contact us you will be asked to provide us with information including personal data like addresses, names, telephone numbers and details of children. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, you consent to the processing of all your personal data in manual, electronic or any other form, relevant to the service by us and by any third party/ies nominated by us and bound by a duty of confidentiality. Processing includes obtaining, recording, using and holding data and the transfer of data to any other parties and countries.

You understand that you will use your best effort to protect the privacy of anyone whose information we pass to you. The information passed to you is for your personal use and must not be directly or indirectly used for any commercial purpose or further distribution.

Cancellation by the nanny (the agency fee is not refundable)

If through circumstances beyond the nanny’s control your booking is cancelled, Nanny du Soleil hold no liability whatsoever and compensation will not be payable by Nanny du Soleil to any parties. Once the booking is made and the nanny allocated, Nanny du Soleil passes on the arrangement to you and thereafter the agreement is between you and the nanny. For any problems or complaints these should then be directed to your nanny.

If the allocated nanny is not able to carry out the services, and she can not offer you a replacement, refunds of monies paid to her should be returned by negotiation with your nanny. If the nanny can not fullfil the entire booking, eg. due to illness, then the nanny (or the agency) will try to offer you a replacement for the period they are sick, but we can not guarantee this.

An administration charge of 40€ will apply to any cancellations, changes and for refunds.

Changes to your booking by us:

Due to some unforseen circumstances, ocassionally we might have to change your nanny and replace her/him with another one. We will try to keep you informed and send you her/his details in advance where this is possible. However, for last minute bookings you understand that we will not be able to do so and we will only be able to provide you with the replacement nanny’s number. 

Changes to your booking by you:

If you have made a reservation and you change your dates or times at a later stage without communication and agreement with us/Nanny du Soleil agency , then you will be liable to the payments of the hours reserved unless your nanny accepts otherwise. If you add nannies after the original booking has been made and/or make another booking during the season you will be required to pay another deposit and introductory fee, as stated above in “Deposits/ introductory fee”. If your children are from different families the rate changes. When you send the request you must state clearly if the reservation is for the same family or two different families.


Nanny du Soleil encourage positive behaviour and understand the importance of the children’s safety at all times. If a nanny encounters inappropriate or dangerous behaviour this will be communicated with you immediately and your booking might have to be cancelled.


If your child has a contagious disease during your holiday, then the nanny reserves the right to cancel part or all of your booking. In this case no refund will be given.

Cancellation by You

If the booking is cancelled by you, the agency fee is not refundable and the nanny will make a cancellation charge. eg.

 Days before childcare start date Cancellation charge (%of total price)
 More than 56  25%
 43 – 56 days  40%
 29 – 42 days  50%
 15 – 28 days  75%
 0 – 14 days 100% 

 For cancellation refunds within the times outlined above we endevour to make payments to you in the same way you paid with exception to cash payments and if bank charges occur in result of this we will charge you for these .


These are agreed at the time of the booking and paid to the agency and nanny separately.

In the event that you engage a nanny introduced by us for any holiday then you agree to pay our charges as agreed at the time of the booking. You agree to notify us immediately in the event that you engage a nanny introduced by us and you must not contact any nanny introduced by us to engage them directly. If you do so you will be liable for our charges. Our introductions are strictly confidential and you must not pass on details to any other person. If you do pass on details of a nanny introduced by us to another family or person you agree to pay our fees in the event of any third party engages the nanny.